Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Penguins!

I went out on Sunday morning to go and check out the icebreaker, The Oden. On the way, I ran into some penguins off the shore of Hut Point. Everyone says they are adelie, but I couldn't see them closely enough to tell. Also, my camera still doesn't have enough lens to see that far away. I believe that the Oden should be in today or tomorrow. There was a call for linehandlers, but it sounded like heavy work that I wasn't well-suited for. I'd like to volunteer, but I don't want to end up in the drink or be unable to lift the ship's lines over the pylons that anchor it at dock.

The sea ice has melted near Hut Point, so the sound of the sea is here. I believe that all sorts of wildlife will show up in town. I hear that there are now penguin vagrants hanging around Pegasus. Tim, one of the guys from ATO, said there was a penguin sleeping on one of his pallets. He walked up to the pallet, and it looked up at him and squawked. It must have been something like, "don't bother me now, I'm sleeping!"

From Antarctica