Sunday, January 3, 2010

Icestock 2009-2010

I had a great weekend. Icestock is the music festival held at McMurdo during the Summer season. Freezing Man runs this weekend, but I think Icestock is a little bit cooler. Icestock was held this Saturday (1-2-2010), and the bands ran from noon until 1800 hours. I had a pretty good time, and the weather was very nice.

From Antarctica

In this picture, I can't figure out where that door leads to. It's a door that doesn't seem to exist on my floor of the building, yet it is visible from outside. Maybe it is in a jano's closet somewhere. It might also be where they are keeping the aliens.

Oh, BTW, I saw Whiteout yesterday. It was playing on one of the movie channels. It was pretty bad, and is not honest about anything here. That said, it isn't the worst movie that I've ever seen. I had the unfortunate displeasure of viewing that the other day; it's name was Camille. If you can avoid watching it in this life or the next, you would be doing yourself a HUGE favor.