Monday, January 4, 2010

Arrival Heights and Cos-Ray

From Antarctica

I took a tour of the Arrival Heights Science building and the Cos-Ray buildings last night. It was a very interesting tour. Arrival Heights is an ASMA that has no historical or biological features in it. It does contain a large number of physics, meteorology, geology, astronomy, etc. instruments that are collecting data for short and long-term experiments.

Cos-Ray is the Cosmic Ray building that houses the station's oldest running experiment. It's collecting data about Neutron particles with lead tubes. It actually has a bunch of sites not contained in the Cos-Ray building; I think a bunch of them are set up around Antarctica and the world. A similar project is the IceCUBE project, but I think that one involves burying glass tubes into the ice.

Anyways, very interesting stuff.