Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello Hawaii!

I actually made it back out to the art gallery and finished out the rest of the exhibits, which worked out well. I discovered that I like aboriginal art on bark.

I made it to the Big Island yesterday after 15+ hours of travel. There was this young boy screaming bloody murder on the flight from Sydney to Honolulu, so I didn't get much sleep. I was really loopy when I got here.

Today, I just got in my rental and drove. I was a bit nervous driving it yesterday, as I was really tired and hadn't been behind the wheel in four and a half months. I'm really comfortable with it now, but there are a ton of tourists on the road who:
1. Don't know where they are going
2. Use their high beams all the time
Did I mention that it is a convertible mustang. Nice!

Anyhoo, I didn't plan on it, but I ended up on Punalu'u Black Sand Beach . I drove on to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. I didn't plan on going to either, but they day was perfect!