Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Day

We observed Thanksgiving on Saturday. Meals had to be scheduled out, and I had mine at 3pm. I then volunteered in the galley to wash dishes for an hour, but I got so involved that it turned into two and a half. I guess I'm an obsessively goal-oriented person, so I really got into the progress of it all.

The galley crew went all out for Thanksgiving dinner, and they affirmed the fact that this season is probably the best dining season of the program's history. I think I heard that they prep'ed this meal for two days prior to delivery. Needless to say, it was outstanding. You could basically eat whatever you want, but I stuck to the beef tenderloin. The sides were great, the stuffing had sausage in it, and the grean beans had crimini or portabello mushrooms. As usual, the desserts were great. They had candied apples and a bunch a pretty cool parfait. I tried to keep things in check, so I didn't have any.

Having two days off was really nice, and I have my energy back. Christmas seems really close, and I suspect that the season will seem like it is over in no time.